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‘Slash and burn’

To the editor: Driving along North Highland Lake Road, past The Park, I realized that soon I may no longer see a mature canopy of trees here. The willows and oaks nearing maturity will be bulldozed down to make way for tons of asphalt, concrete and some saplings.

The disruption of the waterway will take years to recover. This old “slash and burn” behavior, which we abhor in the rainforest and rejected in most places decades ago, is alive and well in Flat Rock to satisfy an “I want” attitude.

Let’s face it, most Flat Rock taxpayers will not live to see what they plant today reach even close to a mature canopy. All for an NCDOT project given a zero for safety issues.

We talk of “sustainability,” but that requires that we respect our environment, and in this case our beautiful park. What is a park, anyway? I say it is not just playgrounds and water fountains. It is nature and trees!

Darlene Miller, Flat Rock

one should favor discrimination. But it is a not-subtle attack on the free exercise of your religion, as protected in the First Amendment of the Constitution.

The founders of this country came here to escape persecution by statesponsored religions. They decided that everyone here has a right to his/her own beliefs and that the government has no right to enforce any one set of beliefs.

This makes “The Equality Act” unconstitutional because of its fundamental precept: “My social choices of preference for gender identification or sexual orientation have priority over your religious rights, and the mighty power of the U.S. government will enforce that.”

This act attempts to create an entirely new right of social choice, not covered in the Constitution or amendments, that will infringe on your religious rights, which are protected in the amendments, and even supersede them!

Larry Mobley, Hendersonville

Wake up, USA

To the editor: I had a dream. My family was eating breakfast, a nutritious organic meal. Farmers had stopped using fossil fuel-based pesticides and fertilizers to grow food. We had repaired the soil.

As I drove to work in my electric truck, I was taken by how clear and bright the sky was, as we had stopped burning fossil fuels for energy and transportation.

I passed new forest tracts, recently planted, part of the trillion trees initiative already showing positive results in mitigating greenhouse gas levels in the atmosphere.

I thought of my son at his tuition-free college and how economic justice legislation, passed years ago, had allowed our society to focus on society and infrastructure, improving the lives of us all.

Without the political instability and warfare that had always preceded oil policy in the world, and inspired by newfound American ecological leadership in the world, a new era of peace, prosperity and hope blossomed globally.

“Inspired” by Donald Trump, community, state and national mental health initiatives and legislation were developed so that we would never be led again, in industry or government, by sociopaths so obviously damaged and dangerous.

I woke from my dream. America, wake up.

R. Forrester Simmons, Hendersonville

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